We  Are Tech Rudraum

We   work   with   digital   solutions  and modern  technology.  The world is  heading  towards a new revolution in the field of digitalization where for  every  other  thing  you  need  a  digital  medium.   From  laptops to  mobile  phones,  we  are   fully  dependent  on digital technology. It has become an eminent part  of our life,  and  we are totally surrounded by it.  From  banking to  chatting,  studying to  business,  entertainment  to faith,   knowing   the  world  to  finding   a  small   meaning   we  rely  on digital technology.
At Tech Rudraum  a team  of dedicated  researchers endlessly design new and state-of-art  security software   for  mobile  devices to protect  Digital Assets from threats and thieves. We also deal in mobile accessories and digital services.