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Rudraum Total Security Antitheft + Antihacking


🔥[Anti Hacking Features]🔥 ★ Anti phishing📤 →This feature enables you to check whether the website you want to access is safe or not. ★ Access Permissions☑️ →This feature enables you to check access permissions granted to particular apps. ★ Data Theft📧 →The data theft feature enables to know the source of data leak i.e. to know which apps or sites are responsible for leak of personal information such as email id etc. ★ Hidden Apps📵 →This feature allows you to get the information about the hidden apps in your device. ★ Safe Pay🛡️ →Safe payment feature keeps your online banking and net banking secure. It will check for a Safe Payment App. ★ Social media checker🌍 →By social media checker you can check recent log-in activities of your social media accounts. ★ Secure Chatting💬 →With this feature you can secretly and securely chat with any other mobile device having thumb2theif app.

Thumb2Thief Antitheft


⭐Introducing:- Rudraum Thumb2thief📱 →Now don't worry about your phone, it will take care of its own. Rudraum Thumb2thief the bodyguard of your smartphone is a researched based next gen advanced mobile application for Android mobile devices. To overcome the threat of increasing mobile theft, add the power of "Rudraum's Mobile ka Bodyguard" app to your mobile. It is a versatile app, Which provides you so many amazing features like an app that can make your device capable of alarming you instantly in case of any mishap and its Anti hacking property to prevent unauthorized intrusion into your mobile phone.